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Explode Your Sales By Building Your Own Opt-In List!

Top 10 Ways to Quickly Build Your List

Have you ever wondered how many times you have
heard this comment/suggestion/mantra from the gurus:


If you are trying to market on the internet;
probably,too many times for you to count.

Unfortunately, it's also true - the real successful
marketers build a loyal and faithful list of subscribers.

This is nothing new - we usually buy things from
people we know and trust.

We regularly go back to our favorite shops/stores/dealers
because we trust them and know we will get a quality
product or service.

It's not surprising then that your opt-in list can
be one of your most effective marketing tools.

If we agree that we have to build it - just how is it done?

Many of these same gurus don't tell us how or charge
us an "arm and a leg" to find their precious "secrets".

Well, save your money!

Here are 10 simple, quick and easy ways to build that
all important list.

1. Location Put your subscribe box or link on all
pages of your website. Make sure it is at the top of your
home page - usually the right hand side. Some marketers put
it at the top and bottom of their pages!

2. Use Pop-up Add a pop-up. They might be annoying
but they work! Place an exit pop-up and offer some
free 'goodies' for subscribing to your list. Free
ebook/membership/report. Anything of quality.

3. Benefits Describe the benefits of signing up.
The "What's in it for me" question. List reasons one must
have your ezine. Quality information should be at the top of
your list.

4. Free Keep it free! Offer an ecourse for free -
five or six lessons over a period of time. This will also
help you build a relationship with your subscribers.

5. Repeat No. 4 Offer a free ebook or two!! Your
own or some of the high quality ones floating around - pick
one that lets you brand it with your own affiliate links.

6. Articles Write articles (like this one) for
other ezines and sites. In the author's resource box place a
link to your ezine/list subscription form. Here's a few
places to submit your articles to get you started:

7. Entertain Make sure you keep your hard won
subscribers by writing an entertaining and informative
newsletter. Basically, describe what works for you in an
interesting way. Write it as if you're chatting to your
subscriber over a cup of coffee or something a little stronger!

8. Use a Sig File Put your ezine link in your
signature file and use it with every e-mail that you send.
You will be surprised at how many e-mails you do send and
the number of sign-ups you will get. Again, point out the
benefits of joining your ezine.

9. Be Yourself Write or make your own products.
Name recognition does count! Many free directories and sites
will list your free product if it's written by you - this
can be a great source of subscribers.

Can't write - then get permission and compile a list of
articles by others into an ebook. This can be a quick
and fast way to get your name linked to high quality
information and marketers. Again, quality counts.

10. Viral, Viral, Viral Make your list viral. Ask
readers to pass it on to their friends and their lists. If
they like your ezine or you - they will.

If you're having trouble building your list - don't give
up until you try these ten simple steps. Many of these steps
can be done in just a few hours of work and you will see a
healthy increase in the number of subscribers to your ezine
or list.

Go get 'em!


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