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Masterful E-mail Marketing

There are more than 100 million e-mail users in the United States. Imagine how many of them might need YOUR services or products. Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? (Go ahead... dream big!)

I encourage you to try reaching some of that audience with targeted e-mail marketing. If you've never tried this marketing method, it might sound a little scary. But in reality, it's quick, efficient, and best of all, FREE! To begin a simple e-mail marketing campaign, ask yourself:

? What products or services do I have to offer? What are my areas of expertise?

? What target group of people might buy them?

? Who is in my current database?

? How can I increase the size of my database and include those in my target audience?

As you brainstorm how you could increase the size of your database, don't forget to include your friends, family, past work associates, hair dresser, current business partners (accountant, banker, attorney, printer, etc.) and anyone who has expressed an interest in your business. Also include members of any professional associations you belong to, plus local community leaders. Send it to everyone and anyone who might someday need - or know someone else who needs - your services. Include your current clients and prospects.

Your e-mail content might be as simple as a short note telling potential buyers about what you offer. Or, even better, offer a special deal. To establish yourself as an expert in your field, consider writing a short article or tips about your area of expertise. The message doesn't have to be long - just make sure it's factual, well- written, and to the point.

As you begin to feel more comfortable with e-mail marketing, consider making it a regular part of your business. Research has shown that it takes the average consumer at least 5-7 points of contact before they make a purchase. Sending e- mails on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis will establish you as an expert and keep you in the forefront of your target market's mind.

You could offer a free e-zine (short for "electronic magazine") full of great tips. It doesn't have to be formatted in HTML (which include colors and pictures such as in this e-zine) - simple text e-zines are just fine, too. (More on that subject in a future issue!) Think about all the places you could advertise your free e-zine: on your web site, on all your written communications, at your seminars and expos, in your e- mail signature and voice mail messages. (To avoid irritating those who would rather not receive your e-mails, never sign people up for a subscription without their permission and be sure to include an easy way for them to "opt out" of your e-mail campaigns.)

Give it a try! Sending an e-mail with the intent to increase your business is a great move. E-mail marketing is easy, fast, and inexpensive. It attracts new customers and builds buyer loyalty. And best of all, by 2005, e-mail marketing will be a $7 billion (yes, billion!) per year business. Wouldn't you like a little piece of that pie?

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Sara Pedersen, author of the FREE e-zine "The Marketing Fairy's Guide to Simple Self Promotion," is a professional organizer and marketing specialist. She helps small business owners make their marketing dreams come true. Sign up today at to receive your FREE monthly subscription.


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