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Autoresponders for Beginners

Hi you may or may not know that your Autoresponder in your first few months promoting your service, product or opportunity, is the most important tool in your box!

So, you have just joined your new business or taken on a new product that you would like to make you a few $ or a lot of $ on the net, first thing you must do is get yourself an Autoresponder.

You can get them free from lots of places on the net if cash is tight, but remember if it's free then there will be a down side, like their ads on your mail, to your subscribers so think carefully on what you decide, as it's probably your single most important decision you will make!

Right, let's get started.

You need to pre-load your Autoresponder with informative articles related to your business this will give you credibility with your readership, write some of your own it's not that difficult once you get started.

Try to pre-load your autoresponder with 52 messages/articles, that's one per week for a year. If this sounds a bit daunting, don't worry there are lots of places that you can get stuff to fill your autoresponder with for free try, so in a few days your ezine should be ready to go. Even if you have only 3 or 4 messages/articles at this point you can add more later.

Now that's out of the way add your [[sig]] file at the bottom of every article on your autoresponder, this should contain your name and URL of the business you are promoting and a short description of the business,you do this once the software puts it on ever e-mail automatically

Now you have set this up your autoresponder will automatically deliver your messages to your subscribers every week or month depending how you set it up.

How to build your subscriber list

Visit Google and do a search for "ezine directories" the last time I did this, there was about 88,000 listings.

This is where the work starts and where most fail, you can buy software to help with submitting your ezine but it costs. But if you want your ezine to be a success then its time to get busy and I mean busy, you should submit to at least 200!

Another way to promote your ezine is through Announcement Lists

Done correctly Announcement Lists could get you upto 800 new subscribers per week!

If you visit Google and search for"ezine announcement lists" and sign up to a few yourself, you will then see how it works.

Start announcing your ezine to as many annoucement lists as you can, spend a whole day to get of to a good start!

Your aim is to have at least 3000 subscribers to your ezine, at this point you can virtually make money on demand,

Sign up to a few ezines yourself to get an idea of how people run their ezines, this will give you an idea how to run yours.

OK so you don't have the time for the above, then you can buy leads from a pay-per-subscriber service, try lead

I hope the above is enough to get you started with your list, there are a lot of people that make their living on line with only their list and autoresponder, so can you!

If you drop by my site you can sign up for my free 7 day email marketing course, it's a step by step guide to help you get started with Autoresponders and email marketing.

If you drop by my site you can sign up for my free 7 day email marketing course, it's a step by step guide to help you get started with Autoresponders and email marketing.

Ken Smaile.

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